Sauna Adan

72% love it
Well-established sauna with latin flavor
Cruise around at Sauna Adan or invite one of the many South American rent boys to keep you company. Lots of space for meeting and greeting local clientele.


    • greyeagle
      greyeagle Over a year ago
      Loves it

      I love that place. Went there last summer and just had a wonderful time, three times, with around 8 beautiful young men, variously: Turkish (2 = amazing threesome); Sierra Leone; Colombo; Brazil; Peru; local (half Algerian hunk); Venezuala... just amazing.

    • sdfunboy
      sdfunboy Over a year ago
      Loves it

      The place may be a dive. But the boys were serving hotness. The 3 way I just had made me wish I could record it for Xtube. HOTNESS!!! 2 from Romania and 1 local took turns on me.

    • mvan1
      mvan1 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Bizarre Employee at Sauna Adan
      Bizarre employee On Sunday, 19 August about five in the evening, I went to Sauna Adan. Three of my American friends were to meet me there there around six o'clock. When I arrived, a hostile clerk at the front door took my entrance money, handed me a key and some footwear then rudely said "entra." He never said hello or indicated anything except hostility and annoyance. When I entered the sauna, the changing area was very crowded and busy with clients talking and dressing. So, I stood there waiting till the other customers were dressing. After a couple of minutes, the rude clerk came out of his office and over to me and began shouting and told me to hurry. I told him to look at the changing area to see how busy it was. I also asked him why he is angry. He scowled and walked away. One customer who saw and overheard how the clerk behaved told me not to pay attention to the clerk as he is often behaves that way. I went again to the clerk and asked him if it was okay for me to visit the bar area while I waited for the changing area to clear. The clerk shouted something to me that I did not understand and shook his head indicating anger. I again asked the clerk why he was so hostile but he did not say anything except he stood there shaking his head and shaking his finger at me. I decided to leave even though I had paid my entrance fee. I knew that I could not have a good time with such a crazy person working at the sauna. Fortunately, I was able to reach my friends on the telephone to have them not come to the sauna. I wonder if the owner knows of the behavior of the strange clerk who behaves so badly towards customers. The owner will never get my money again and the owner will not get the money of my friends after the terrible treatment I got for no reason at all. Worse yet, the working guys at the sauna have lost income because of our not using the sauna. This type behavior is also not fair to the working guys. There must be other customers who have had the same bad treatment by the strange acting clerk. A company cannot remain in business if customers are treated badly. Eventually, customers will stop coming when they learn of the bad behavior they will receive if they go to the facility. I know I will not return and my friends will not visit this sauna. I will post this review on every gay site I know. Someone should let the owners know of the behavior of the strange acting clerk. Perhaps reviews are the only way to reach the owners. In the meantime, I recommend that people think twice before spending their time and entrance fee at Sauna Adan. The same thing can happen to anyone who encounters that awful crazy clerk. I do not believe it is possible to enjoy oneself while a strange and hostile employee runs around acting bizarre. By the way, one customer told me the clerk is in Spain illegally. Maybe that means he will soon be gone and the place will return to normal. At the very least, the owners should instruct the clerk to treat paying customers with politeness rather than hostility. The entire incident was completely baffling because of the inexplicable hostility of the clerk.

    • Chuecakid
      Chuecakid Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Franco turned a blind eye, says one patron
      If you like rent boys, this is the place... not really a sauna, but a typical male whorehouse (prostitution is legal in Spain). Most guys are from Brasil... need I say more? A second grouping from Bulgaria (really hot, rough types). Again, this place is really not a sauna in the sense (there is a steam room and dry sauna and showers, but that is it) Trivia: One elderly patron (looked like in his late 70s) told me that the place existed during the Franco dictatorship (hustlers and all), but the authorities turned a blind eye. Hmmmmm... I wonder....

    • brutus13
      brutus13 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      frightening place! dark, decayed, Ok if you look for rent boys (it looks to be 90% of the crowd)

    • italsub
      italsub Over a year ago

      ok if you want quick sex with rent boys
      old sauna, not clean at all, many somw rentboys around that look lazy and not that much interested in their "job", a few are goodlooking, but belive to me don't worth what you pay for, they are not easy, not friendly and sometimes even not goodlooking, if you can, avoid it